The Magic Noggin Chant
From dawn till dusk the Magic Noggin doth doze
But at first moonlight will answer the question that’s posed.

All who possess it will be luckily blessed
With peace, love and a life chock full of the best.

Directions for Use:
On a still night take your Magic Noggin
And stand in the moonlight
Repeat the above chant three times
Then clearly state your question
Listen quietly for the answer.
It may come leaping to mind immediately
Or gently float into your thoughts in the days following.
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Moonlight’s benevolent
luminosity enchanted me even as a little girl.
Now when the moon is full I stand in its beams
searching  for the man in the moon. I hope to
express this same magic and wonder in each
Magic Noggin I paint. Oak apples, which the Magic Noggins are made from, seem to be the perfect vehicle to
express ‘moon-ness’. Each Magic Noggin is as individual as each one of us . Oak apples grow on oak  trees and
to my mind must contain all the wisdom and solidity of those ancient trees. They are most abundant at the end
of summer when they then attain their warm honeyed hue. Perhaps the Magic Noggins carry the wisdom of
their parents and we need only ask and they will gladly share. I hope that when you hold one in your hand the
magic of nature’s bounties flowers in your heart as it does in mine.