Fifi's Tutu-
French Ribbon
All text, images and sculpture copyright
Anne Hilow 2005.
Fifi the Dancing Dog  Drystone, French
Ribbon, approx. 4"W X 7"H  Weight: 1lb 8oz.
Glazed solid wood base.

$85.00 each

Shipping and handling separate.

Fifi the Dancing Dog

On special nights in June
Under a silvery moon
A guest would appear
With Monsieur Noir in the room.

To the stage she would prance.
Every motion a dance
We’d sway when she
And fall in a trance when she tap

Fifi and the Monsieur
Knew the way to repair
The rent in our hearts from feeling

The duo was clever and loving and gay
And would never fail to deliver a prize
to our upturned faces at the end of the