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Artist's Message
Where Does it Come From?
Ignited by dear friendship's trust, a conversation produced precious self
revelation and enlightened us on this topic. Where does it come from, this
art I create? How often have we heard artists-Bob Dylan, Ralph Waldo
Emerson among them- say it comes from somewhere outside them, that
they are driven by it? I realize now it's all true although it has taken a
journey to arrive at.

Quite often what makes my soul happy is at odds with my own intentions or
budget-time or money.  Equally often I argue with myself just long enough
to kill the impulse.  Also it's difficult to know when one's soul is making a
request and when one's self is making an escape.  Hey, no one ever said it
was easy.

I suppose if we always knew the right voice to follow we would be entirely
and incandescently happy- Buddha-like.  Meanwhile we are simply human,
bumbling industriously about; providing fuel for a good laugh at ourselves
and our fellows; taken, and occasionally dragged, aside for moments of
undiluted, incandescent grace.

Anne Hilow (like "pillow")
Spunky, Inspired Sculpture and Illustration
Rear view of "Rocking Dog", my
beloved talisman.
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