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About the Artist
Bangkok, Thailand; Heidelberg, Germany; Ankara, Turkey-these were my
homes before my family settled in California. Plagued by familial wanderlust, my
wandering continues.  Seven years ago a major life change sent me careening
from a handsomely paid high technology career.  The pull to live creatively was
so strong it overcame my most horrifying premonitions about doing so.  

In my first act of independence, I pulled up roots, "Shriek!!", and drove a
lumbering converted Ford van around the beautiful U.S. of America. On the way,
visiting British sportsmen taught me how to shoot my first clay pigeon and
concoct a terrific gin and tonic. Later, I stumbled on the set of a Robert Altman
movie in Mississippi's baking backwaters. In Maine, new found Italian and
Bulgarian friends and I cycled to Lake Chickawakee for early morning swims
surrounded by meadows of vibrant violet lupin and delicate Queen Anne's Lace.

Returning to California, "Hurrah!", I settled in Sonoma County's unusually
blessed wine country to set up my painting, sculpting and writing studio.  I live
here with Jack, a blue eyed border collie, on a creek bursting with bumbling
possum and grumbling raccoon.

Anne Hilow (like "pillow")
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"Rear view of Rocking Dog",
my rockin' talisman.