Carlotta, Carlotta Pimento,
redhead, red head, kids art, kids
gifts, children's art, childrens art,
children's fine art, kids decor,
children's decor, birds, bird, little
girl, little girls, birds of prey,
amelia earhart, anne hilow,
woman artist, children's book,
children's prose, paintings,
whimsical, whimsy, fun, nature,
fantasy, fairy tale, storybook,
story book, storybook art, story
book art, prints, giclee, giclees,
children's prints, female artist,
funny art, humorous art, humor,
kids humor, children's humor,
childrens humor, humorous art,
funny kids art, funny kid's art,
colorful art
All images and text copyright Anne Hilow 2009
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Spunky, Inspired Sculpture and Illustration
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